Hpybet Online Questions

Hpybet Online Questions

Hpybet Online Questions

For Hpybet online events relating to motor sports (Formula 1, Rally, motorcycle), the race is considered to have come to an end, if all the points are awarded to the driver(s) by the official body.

4.4 For all the Hpybet online bets offered in the happybet sports betting offer, the promulgation of the results takes into account any additional information associated with each betting formula.

This additional Hpybet online information can be:

The period to which the Happybet Tip relates:

  • The whole or decimal value of the handicap granted to one of the teams;
  • The decimal value of the “Over or Under” Happybet Tip.

If the result promulgated by Hpybet online is not consistent with the result obtained on the ground and confirmed by the organizer of the sporting event, this result will be modified. Consequently, Hpybet online reserves the right to debit players wrongly paid from the amount of their availability according to the terms provided for in the “General Conditions of the Happybet online games offer”. Players whose stake was wrongly considered to be a loser will be credited with their winnings after rectification of the result.

With the exception of tennis and baseball, if a Happybet online sporting event is canceled or postponed beyond 48 hours from its originally scheduled start date, Happybet will void the Happybet Tips. If a Hpybet online sporting event making up the “Maxi Cote” betting formula is canceled or postponed beyond 48 hours from its initially scheduled start date, Happybet online cancels the bets. The term initially planned start date means the date announced by the organizer of the sporting event 7 days before the actual running of the sporting event. In case of a change of the start date, all the Happybet tips will be declared void.

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